Donate To H.E.R. Helping Entrepreneurs Rise

Angel Face Beauty Company has organized a workshop/program called I Am H.E.R. This acronym stands for Helping Entrepreneurs Rise. The workshop/program was created to help the female youth in our community see that they can aim their goals as far as their dreams will take them. Like Martinsville, VA says, we are a city without limits! I believe that by showing our female youth ways to set, measure, and achieve goals through hands on activities, crafts, and strategic use of prominent speakers would be beneficial. As well as, providing a safe, uplifting, and non-judgmental environment that can allow them to express themselves and be more creative. Female entrepreneurship is on the rise in the United States and I want the girls in our community to be a part of that incline.

The October 2020 event was a success and we are ready to tackle January of 2021! We are projecting about 40 young ladies to participate ages 6-16, based off the previous attendance. I appreciate any donation to assist with this venture!


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