Why Did We Begin?

I have always been a makeup lover! I remember doing my makeup (if that’s what you want to call it back then lol) getting ready for school photos. I remember practicing on any face I could get my hands on. Lastly, I remember the day that I decided to no longer allow my PASSION to be my hobby! I’ve worked in corporate America, but I wanted the American dream. I wanted to wake up and do what I loved to do makeup. Out of this Angel Face Beauty Company LLC was birthed!

I have battled the same things that plague most women, insecurities. However, as I came into my own and loved me, I wanted to bring my sisters with me! So, the phrase, “There’s beauty in everything!”, is personal. It’s a declaration. It’s me speaking LIFE into every beauty that sits in my chair. It’s an unconscious healing of the little girl inside that is afraid to live up to her full potential.

Welcome to Angel Face Beauty Company!